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Power of Attorney Solicitors in Belfast

March 19, 2020

Power of Attorney Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland.

At Keenan Solicitors we have over twenty years of experience advising clients about how to put in place a Power of Attorney to help them to look after their affairs if they are not able to do it themselves.

A Power of Attorney lets you choose someone to deal certain finacial matters such as accounts in Banks, Utility Providers, Phone and Broadband suppliers etc.

In Northern Ireland we have two types of Power of Attorney

-General Power of Attorney

-Enduring Power of Attorney

In this post we will deal with the General Power of Attorney. If you would like some information about an Enduring power of Attorney please have a look at our seperate Blog post that deals with them.

General Power of Attorney

If you would like someone to look after your finances for a set period of time you can grant them a General Power of Attorney.

A General Power of Attorney is ideal if you:

-are going to be abroad

-are going into hospital or have a physical illness.

We have had many equiries from clients who are concerned that they may be confined to their home due to Social Isolating Guidelines in connection with the COVID-19 virus. A General Power of Attorney may help you to arrange for one of your children to deal with certain financial matters in these circumstances. 

If you have any questions about Powers of Attorney or any other matters relating to Wills or ways that you can get your affairs in order please give us a call at

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