Court Appearances

Court Appearances Solicitors

If you are due to appear in court in relation to any prosecution, Keenan Solicitors are available to represent you.

If you should find yourself summoned to court for a breach or a court order you should get legal advice as soon as possible. Our team of expert solicitors have a wealth of experience in this area and are here to ensure your matter is dealt with in accordance with a fair hearing, and based purely on the strength of evidence against you.

During your court appearance or hearing you may be expected to indicate your plea. Before this stage it is advisable to have sought professional legal support and guidance in relation to your case.

Depending on whether your case is to proceed before magistrates or a Judge and jury at the Crown Court, Keenan Solicitors are experienced advocates who can expertly represent you at all stages and prepare your case for trial.

If you would like to speak to an experienced legal professional regarding a court appearance call us on Freephone 0800 092 9994 and one of our expert lawyers will be glad to help.

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Freephone: 0800 092 9994

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