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Keenan Solicitors have successfully acted in more Hearing Loss claims than any other firm in Northern Ireland.

Working in a noisy workplace without adequate protection can cause significant damage to your hearing and result in a range of conditions including hardness of hearing and tinnitus (the sufferer hears a sound which is not actually present). These symptoms can cause serious distress to sufferers.

Our solicitors specialise in Hearing Loss claims and have acted for thousands of clients recovering millions of pounds in compensation along the way.

We have been able to win many cases even though the business stopped trading decades earlier. Our experience has allowed us to trace the former employer's insurers and secure a settlement.

We have helped clients to claim after their hearing was damaged in a range of jobs and examples include:

  • Harland and Wolff
  • Bombardier
  • Shorts
  • Fisher Body
  • European Components
  • TK ECC
  • Police
  • MOD
  • Prison Officers
  • Sunblest/Allied Bakeries
  • Local Council Workers (binmen and grass cutters)
  • Carpet Factories
  • Hughes Tools
  • Belfast Ropeworks
  • James Mackie and Sons
  • Invercon Paper Mill

If you have sustained Hearing Loss because of your job or working conditions call us on Freephone 0800 092 9994 and one of our expert lawyers will be glad to help.

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