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Trips, Slips and Falls Solicitors

Whatever your lifestyle, in every day life there is potential for personal injury from trips, slips and falls. These types of accidents are more often prevalent in public areas but may also occur on private property or on a business premises.

Keenan Solicitors have many years of experience helping citizens and employees claim when they have tripped or slipped and can help you pursue a claim where there are suitable grounds to do so. 

Trips, Slips and Falls are more likely to occur where the following conditions exist:

  • Wet surfaces

  • Icey conditions

  • Uneven surfaces

  • Open manhole covers or roadworks

  • Unsecured items, obstacles, cables and wires

  • Employer negligence

What do you do when you have a trip, slip or fall?

Wherever the accident took place it's important to note down as much detail as possible and keep them somewhere safe.

A good tip is to write these in an email to yourself or a confidant on the day of the incident in question. That way your account of the trip, slip or fall is digitally documented with a time stamp.

If there were any witnesses to the injury you incurred it is advisable to have them write down their account, preferably in email and send it to you for your records and for the use of your solicitor. 

Having this kind of information and witness account may mean your claim is more likely to succeed. 

Next step is to contact us and our expert solicitors will begin the proceedings for making a trip, slip or fall claim. 

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