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Re-Mortgaging Solicitors

Whether you are re-mortgaging to release funds for home improvements or because you want to invest in property elsewhere, you will usually require an experienced solicitor to handle the legalities of the transaction.

Re-mortgaging your home can be a complex affair and source of stress if it’s not handled the right way. Whether you are staying with your current lender or want to switch to a new provider, at Keenan Solicitors we ensure the administration and exchange of loan contract documentation is a smooth, uncomplicated process.

Do I need a solicitor if I want to re-mortgage my property?

Yes. Given the scale of the potential equity release and the security of your home at stake, lenders will require you to instruct a solicitor or licenced conveyancer to act on their behalf and yours. This ensures that all parties are fully informed of the process and that all resulting funds and contracts are appropriately handled.

As your solicitor we will investigate the title deeds of your property, ensuring there are no conflicting rights or burdens affecting the property in question.

Our re-mortgaging services include but are not limited to:

  • Offer of expert legal advice
  • Legal representation
  • Handling the exchange of contracts
  • Completing local authority searches
  • Obtaining of search indemnity insurance
  • Handling Land Registry and Title issues
  • Facilitation of the transfer the funds and repayments to previous lenders
  • Removal of previous lenders charges from title register
  • Registration of new lenders charges on the title
  • Facilitation of the payment of Stamp Duty taxes

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