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Thinking about death can be extremely unsettling, especially when it’s time to think of your own. As difficult as it may be, it’s important to seek legal advice in advance to ensure that your family are protected in the event of your passing. At Keenan Solicitors, wills and probate lawyers in Belfast, we advise each of our clients to write a legal will to ensure their family can make the appropriate arrangements after their death.

Without a written will, it will be up to the law to decide who benefits from the deceased’s assets, but the final outcome may not align with the individual’s wishes. For this reason, we encourage our clients in Northern Ireland to speak to our compassionate and highly-trained wills and probate solicitors for honest legal advice as soon as they can.

If a will is to be deemed valid in the eyes of the law, there are a number of rules and technicalities that must be obeyed, and we make sure that these are all correctly followed.

When we are dealing with an Estate we will make sure that matters are dealt with promptly and correctly. Our experienced Probate solicitor will meet the representatives to provide advice and will help:

  • Extract the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration from the Probate Office of the High Court of Northern Ireland
  • Collect the assets of the Estate
  • Pay liabilities or debts of the Estate
  • Deal with Inheritance Tax returns and payments
  • Distribute the money to the Beneficiaries.


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