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Caroline’s accident at work claim settles for £8000

Caroline works in a nursing home. Her workplace was undergoing renovation work and there were builders present throughout whilst work was being completed. Caroline was working in the laundry room of the Nursing Home. She turned around and suddenly struck her shin on a crowbar which somebody had wedged underneath a door in the room to keep it open.

She suffered a small cut, along with tenderness and bruising. The force of the impact also jarred her leg and back.

Following unpleasant treatment and attempts to belittle the nature of her injuries, Caroline contacted Keenan Solicitors, Belfast, to pursue an accident at work claim. Ciaran Keenan acted on her behalf.

Ciaran got to work right away by obtaining photos of the accident site and of Caroline’s injuries. He then requested her relevant medical notes & records and organised for Caroline to attend an appointment with a Consultant in A&E Medicine, who prepared a detailed report documenting her injuries.

As it was not known who placed the crowbar under the door, it became clear that there were a number of parties potentially at fault for the accident. Ciaran wrote a letter of claim to Caroline’s employer and the owner of her place of work, along with the contractor and sub-contractor responsible for the renovation works.

Each party denied fault for the accident.

Keenan Solicitors then issued County Court proceedings against all parties and a date was set for Contest. Shortly before Contest, we were approached by one of the parties who indicated that they would be willing to admit fault for the accident and enter into negotiations.

Caroline’s accident at work claim ultimately settled for £8000.

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