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Why Keenan Solicitors?

At Keenan Solicitors our team of solicitors have vast experience in all manner of elderly client services. Our experts will take the time to listen to your and make sure that your wishes are clearly and concisely recorded. We aim to provide essential peace of mind to you and your loved ones, making an often difficult process straightforward.

From the moment you first call or enquire, our friendly and professional team will ensure your needs are looked after.

Our modern office is based on the Ormeau Road, Belfast, and offers large and confidential meeting rooms with onsite parking, allowing you to speak candidly with your solicitor about your needs. Our solicitors recognise that everyone has different requirements and will provide you with bespoke advice, tailored to your individual circumstances.

In addition to this, as our office is based in a former bank building, we have the benefit of having retained the old bank vault, providing you further peace of mind that your documents are securely stored.

When the time comes and your family need guided through the process of administering your estate, our team are hugely experienced in all probate and estate administration matters. We will sensitively and diligently guide your loved ones through the entire process, liaising with banks and all relevant parties and ensuring your wishes are followed. 

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If you have been named as an executor in the will of a loved one, you are responsible for administering their estate. This means you’ll have to organise their assets, pay their debts and taxes, and distribute what is left according to their wishes.

To do so you’ll need what is known as a ‘Grant of Probate’.

We can assist and advise you on:

  • Applying for the Grant of Probate
  • Investigating and valuing the estate
  • Collecting estate funds
  • Filling out Income and Inheritance Tax returns and paying any tax due
  • Paying creditors
  • Selling or transferring ownership of property
  • Distributing funds and assets according to the will

This can be a complicated and stressful process without the necessary legal expertise. Contact us today on 028 90 49 3349 or leave an enquiry and we’ll call you.

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What if someone dies without a will?

If someone dies without a will they have died ‘intestate’ and the Rules of Intestacy must be followed.

Usually the closest relative of the deceased will be appointed as the ‘Personal Representative’ (PR).

Their responsibilities include settling unpaid debts, paying Inheritance Tax and distributing assets to beneficiaries in accordance with the Rules of Intestacy.

In order to do so, they will often have to apply to Court for what is known as the ‘Grant of Letters of Administration’.

When is a Grant of Letters of Administration Needed?

Common examples of when a Grant will be necessary include:

  • If there is more than £10,000 in the deceased person’s sole name
  • If property is involved
  • If there are investments or shares to be sold or transferred

You will not always need a Grant. Call Keenan Solicitors today on 028 90 49 3349 or leave an enquiry to find out more.

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