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Why Keenan Solicitors?

At Keenan Solicitors our team of solicitors have vast experience in all manner of elderly client services. Our experts will take the time to listen to you and make sure that your wishes are clearly and concisely recorded. We aim to provide essential peace of mind to you and your loved ones, making an often difficult process straightforward.

From the moment you first call or enquire, our friendly and professional team will ensure your needs are looked after.

Our modern office is based on the Ormeau Road, Belfast, and offers large and confidential meeting rooms with onsite parking, allowing you to speak candidly with your solicitor about your needs. Our solicitors recognise that everyone has different requirements and will provide you with bespoke advice, tailored to your individual circumstances.

In addition to this, as our office is based in a former bank building, we have the benefit of having retained the old bank vault, providing you further peace of mind that your documents are securely stored.

When the time comes and your family need guided through the process of administering your estate, our team are hugely experienced in all probate and estate administration matters. We will sensitively and diligently guide your loved ones through the entire process, liaising with banks and all relevant parties and ensuring your wishes are followed. 

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What is a Will?

A will is a legal document that lets you decide on what happens to your money, property and possessions (your ‘estate’) after your death.

It allows you to set out your wishes clearly and decide the people who will be responsible (your ‘executors’) for dealing your estate.

If you fail to make a will, the law steps in and will divide your estate up according to what is called the ‘Rules of Intestacy’. These are rigid and can sometimes lead to results which are contrary to your wishes. This can be a complicated and stressful process without the necessary legal expertise.

Benefits of a Will:

  • You decide where your assets go
  • You decide who deals with your estate following your death
  • Appoint legal guardians of children who are minors
  • Ensure gifts of personal items are left to the right people
  • Reflect life change such as marriage, divorce and the birth of children or grandchildren
  • Set up Trusts or Gifting to Charity
  • Minimise Inheritance Tax

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Reviewing or Changing Your Will

Having an up-to-date will is vital to make sure your current wishes are reflected.

We recommend review of your will around once every 5 years, but especially after major life events, for instance:

  • You get married or divorced
  • Any of your beneficiaries (the people you are giving your assets to) get married or die
  • New children or grandchildren are born and you want them to inherit
  • There’s a big change to your financial circumstances
  • You come into an inheritance

These changes have the potential to have both a legal and financial impact on your current will.

Depending on the circumstances, you may wish to amend or rewrite tour will.

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Contesting or Defending a Will

Contesting a will can be very challenging and is often daunting. You won’t always have a case to do so and our experts are here to honestly advise you on the merits.

Some situations which might give rise to a challenge include:

  • Lack of capacity of the person who made the will
  • Undue influence
  • Invalid execution
  • Forged wills
  • If you are married or financially dependent and the will hasn’t made adequate provision for you
  • If the executors are not acting properly in the administration of the estate

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